Sydney Has Summer Dresses Covered

Sydney Has Summer Dresses Covered Where’s the Hype? If streetwear hasn’t really caught on in Sydney, there are a handful of brands trying to make it happen. Double Rainbouu favors sentiment over street cred, but its graphic sweats and contrast-sleeve knits have a contemporary appeal. Client Liaison, meanwhile, did a […]

Dark chocolate A bittersweet pill to take

Chocolate is richer, darker and more indulgent than ever this holiday season, but don’t go double-dipping into the Godiva truffles and Hershey Kisses if you think this ancient food possesses magical medical benefits. Despite media reports over the past few years headlining the health perks of chocolate, especially darker varieties, […]

What effects does chocolate have on a person?

Pleasure of consuming Part of the pleasure of eating chocolate is due to the fact that its melting point is slightly below human body temperature: it melts in the mouth. Chocolate intake has been linked with release of serotonin in the brain, which produces feelings of pleasure. A study reported […]

10 Summer Workout Mistakes That Stall Results

To perform better in the heat, cool down before you warm up. Research shows that lowering your body temperature prior to exercise increases the amount of heat your body can tolerate, which delays fatigue. The best way: Slowly sip a flavored ice slushie starting 30 minutes before you exercise. Athletes […]

11 Foods (and One Trick) to Fight Belly Fat

When University of Michigan researchers fed tart cherry powder to rats as a tiny portion of their diet, the animals lost 17 percent of their belly fat in just three months. Another trial with crushed blueberries also reduced fat. “There may be components in certain fruits, particularly anthocyanins—the antioxidants that […]

The Health Hazards of Drinking Coca-Cola and other Soft Drinks

penicillin in the general population is thought to be at least ten percent. Nearly 25 percent of these individuals will display hives, angioedema, or anaphylaxis upon ingestion of penicillinS. hives and anaphylactic symptoms have been traced to penicillin in milk, soft drinks, and frozen dinners.” “Many general dietary factors have […]

The effect of Coca Cola on your body

I like to drink a Coke every day and recently stopped for a week with no ill effects at all. You may have heard that if you drink one can of Coke everyday and you take that out of your diet then you will lose one pound of fat per […]

52 Mind Power Secrets

The Power of Words as Manifesting Commands and the 7 Negative Word Habits to Eliminate Words are a manifesting power that is one level closer to manifesting in form than is the power of thought. The next level that is even closer to form is the manifesting power of deed […]