52 Mind Power Secrets

The Power of Words as Manifesting Commands and the 7 Negative Word Habits to Eliminate Words are a manifesting power that is one level closer to manifesting in form than is the power of thought. A next level that is even closer to form is the manifesting power of deed […]

How to burn fat fast

Foods to burn fat fast Eat fruit to block your body from storing fat grapefruit breaks down fat cells Berries contain pectin which forces fat tissues to release fat cells Apricots and melons flush out fat and waste products Cherries cleanse away waste products including fat deposit Green tea increases the […]

6 Fat-Fighting Foods

FAT-FIGHTING FOODS If you’re trying to pare down your pot belly, nibble on these 1.berries Yes, fat keeps us warm, protected, and alive. But too much of a good thing can be, well, bad. If you’re trying to pare down your pot belly, nibble on these You probably know that […]

6 tips on how to pack light for your next trip like a pro

We know how it feels when you plan a week long trip and then can’t seem to figure out what you need and don’t need. You end up with two overloaded suitcases and a carry-on, and half your trip is spent lugging around all this excess baggage. Read this next: These […]

Is a bridal expo the missing link in Karachi’s booming wedding business?

The Wedding Atelier, the two day-long event that took place last week at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi, may have been a good idea. For one, it tapped into the single-most lucrative, incredibly extensive market for weddings and all the nitty-gritties associated with them. Secondly, it’s an exhibit that’s […]