Niki Minazh Released A Collection Of T-Shirts

The other day, singer Nicky Minage released a new album called Queen. In the album there are songs recorded in a duet with Eminem, Ariana Grande, Weeknd and Lil Wayne. Together with the new album, the singer also released a collection of T-shirts. Collaboration was created together with the brand […]

Thing Of The Day: Boats Saint Laurent

If we have already become accustomed to leopard or snake print, then the zebra pattern for us is still a wonder. Putting on things with a rapacious print, you need to take into account a lot of conventions and rules, so as not to look like a tiger or python, […]

Nike Accused Of Discrimination Against Women And Unequal Pay

Former employees of the sports brand Nike accuse the company of discrimination based on gender. Two employees, who worked in the company earlier, filed a lawsuit against the brand, claiming that they were paid half their salary than their fellow men for the same job. Also, male employees are often […]

Thing Of The Day: Fendi Skirt

Absolutely all kinds of cells were on the stellar Olympus last season, and they are not going to give up positions in the future. If you have already mastered the Scottish or Oxford cage, it’s time to proceed to the cage “Prince of Wales”. Designers in the new season offer […]

The Jeans Brands Lee And Wrangler Can Close

Edition of The Wall Street Journal reports that the Lee and Wrangler brand the US may cease to exist. The reason for this – a low level of sales: over the past four years, they fell by $ 1.5 billion. VF Corporation, which acquired the brands, Lee and Wrangler, 40 […]