ABSOLUTELY gorgeous natural eyes of this indian woman creates an exquisite feeling of a spring sky. The depth of color may lead you to suppose they’re not real. This child has extraordinary massive eyes that love others with their depth and heavenly gaze. it’s tough to believe that such eyes area unit extremely natural, however they are… This man’s […]

3 Most Sexiest Holiday and Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials

Hi companions! Here are 3 hottest occasion and Christmas eye cosmetics instructional exercises. These are overly simple to do, you will be master in the blink of an eye. Its time for Christmas, New year and occasion parties. This isn’t just an opportunity to get Christmas/occasion outfits, delightful shoes, choosing […]

Makeup with yellow shadows: ideas and techniques

Using yellow shadows only in the summer, you are depriving yourself of a sunny note in the beauty palette of an already cold season. Makeup artists creating make-up for the catwalk offer to announce bright shadows of must-have winter content: What is the combination of yellow shades in makeup? Makeup […]

Hollywood Makeup Artist Makeup Tips

We tell you the makeup secrets that you didn’t know until this very moment. If professional make-up artists did not exist, then we would never have discovered the magic of makeup: baking, puppet makeup, shiny eyelids, etc. Any makeup involves a certain number of professional tricks. Many of them are […]

Liner Looks

Engage in graphics with this spectacular art. The nail of this killer Graphic Arrow Liner Look with durable dramatic gel eyeliner Master this fishtail liner. Look at our Master Fine Skinny Gel Eyeliner and dare to look away. The Common Liner Look complements any style any day, anywhere. Perfect this […]

Bollywood celebrities will show you how to make eyebrows

Eyebrows are the best (and most personalized) cosmetic signature, and also the fastest way to determine your image. They can be modern and fluffy (like Janhvi Kapoor) or smooth and specific (like Malaika Arora), but they will stand out as a style specific to you. For inspiration on how to […]


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