Amanda Seyfried for the New Release of Porter Edit

Amazing Amanda poses against the backdrop of a mysterious forest in luxurious outfits from Alexander McQueen.¬†Stylist shooting Maya Zepinik picked up for shooting lace and velor dresses, blouse and skirt maxi from Fendi, Christopher Kane, Antonio Berardi and other brands.¬†All the outfits are united by one idea – gloomy mystery. […]


ONE SHADE OF RED THAT COMPLEMENTS ALL COMPLEXIONS NEW Made For All Lipstick cosmetics in ‘Red For Me’. Maybelline New York’s first red lipstick cosmetics tried on 50 assorted skin tones.The accord? Electrifying on everybody.

Famous Pakistani Actors Who Have Lit Up Our TV And Cinema Screens!

We, the ones inhabiting the Indo-Pak region, have generally created a niche for showbiz stars, the actors and actresses. These superstars might be belonging to any nation, any genre, any class of acting invading our hearts and souls effectively. In Pakistan, our showbiz personalities are equally adored and idolized, although […]


We were as of late welcome to pitch for another brand of a current customer. The brief had the typical suspects: client focusing on, hole ID, progressive item, yadda, yadda, yadda. Like all pitches, there was an accentuation on 360-degree message entrance, yet the key deliverable was the humble TVC. […]

Priyanka Chopra looks energetic on magazine spread

Worldwide symbol Priyanka Chopra, who snatched eye-balls with her dazzling spruce up at her brother by marriage Joe Jonas’ wedding, is currently accumulating consideration with her sizzling look on the most recent release of a design magazine. The 36-year old on-screen character is taking the spotlight with her Jennedy Kennedy […]

Up close and personal with Hifsa Khan

inancier turned supervisor woman Hifsa Khan run one of Lahore’s most seasoned and esteemed magnificence salons. With a transition of new age parlors in the market, we plunked down with Hifsa to talk about how her salon emerges from others. Q1. Disclose to us a little about your salons history, […]

Liner Looks

Engage in graphics with this spectacular art. The nail of this killer Graphic Arrow Liner Look with durable dramatic gel eyeliner Master this fishtail liner. Look at our Master Fine Skinny Gel Eyeliner and dare to look away. The Common Liner Look complements any style any day, anywhere. Perfect this […]

An industry driven by debasement

Syed Faisal Hashmi, Founder and Sultan Ghani Afzal, CEO, Stimulus Productions Worldwide address Aurora about the positive effect creation houses have brought to Pakistan’s promotion industry and what should be changed. AURORA: What is a ‘free’ generation house? SULTAN GHANI AFZAL: We discuss autonomous generation houses on the grounds that […]