Toast in Shivan NARRESH X KOOVS

Mumbai: There was a buzz among the fashionable city that organized the evening, after all, it was the launch of the Shivan Narresh X Koovs capsule collection in Sancho. Why was this so exciting? Thanks to this collaboration, the duo entered the sports, street and sports segment, retaining their signature […]

Shampoos That Will Help Preserve Your Box Braids

It’s the most sizzling day of summer, and you’re four hours profound into a throughout the day hair arrangement that leaks well into the night, as well. Your beautician and her right hand are twofold planning on an arrangement of midriff length, medium-width box meshes, firmly anchoring little segments of […]

Best instagram looks week

This is again the time of the week, when we present you the latest world fashion news and how you can recreate the five best images of the week. Celebrities and instagrammers from around the world, from Hollywood to Bollywood, show us some styles in the last few days. Deepika […]

Iridium Spa, St Regis Mumbai

From time to time we need to retreat to relax, shelter to relax, a place where you can avoid the stresses of everyday life. And I heard from astute travelers that the Iridium Spa – exclusively for St. Regis all over the world – is one such destination. Translated into […]