Bollywood celebrities will show you how to make eyebrows

Eyebrows are the best (and most personalized) cosmetic signature, and also the fastest way to determine your image. They can be modern and fluffy (like Janhvi Kapoor) or smooth and specific (like Malaika Arora), but they will stand out as a style specific to you. For inspiration on how to […]

Wedding looks that captured the spirit!

Weddings, weddings, weddings! It looks like the wedding season in Pakistan never ends; Fortunately for us, the possibilities for brides are endless. Designers are constantly coming up with new innovative wedding images that we absolutely adore. If you are looking for a classic traditional look or a modern outfit for […]

Our fixation on discovering joy could be making us hopeless

I recollect a discussion with a companion who had languished with sadness over years, on and off. As she refreshed me on a progression of positive life occasions, she sounded more energetic than I’d heard her for quite a while. “I’m so excited to hear you’re glad,” I advised her. […]

MAGHUL launches a collection duo for Eid

After the success of its debut luxury lawn in early May, MAHGUL presents two completely new luxury prêt-à-doorman collections for Eid, entitled “Serene” and “Gulban”, respectively, available at exhibitions in Lahore on June 10 in MAHGUL and in Karachi ensemble June 17th. As the name suggests, Serene conveys a sense […]