Chocolate has health benefits

Eating dark chocolate could help control diabetes and blood pressure, Italian experts say. Researchers found eating 100g of dark chocolate each day for 15 days lowered blood pressure in the 15 person-study. The University of L’Aquila team also found the body’s ability to metabolise sugar – a problem for people […]

Forever modern: German fashion icon Jil Sander looks back

Jil Sander founded her own fashion house as a plucky twenty-something in postwar Germany, creating modern, minimalist clothes that would go on to redefine the working woman’s wardrobe. fashion’s “Queen of Less” isn’t resting on her laurels yet The exhibition, whose six-month run ended this month, showcased everything from Sander’s […]

Birmingham retail expert to forecast UK high street trends

Birmingham City University fashion lecturer Alison Rapsey heads to Taiwan next week, where she’ll share expert insights into fashion trends on the UK high street as well as highlighting brands that are paving the way for success. “Whilst some long-standing retailers on the British high street are failing and closing […]

10 Most Exotic Fruits

Squared Watermelon Pomegranate Dragon fruit Kiwano Star fruit Rambutan Ackee Mangosteen Buddha’s Hand Urucu