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Women's Natural Health Remedies - Native Remedies Women's Health Store

Hello and welcome!

If you have tried and failed to resolve your chronic health condition,
you may be ready to try something new.

These natural health secrets and free holistic health information are for people who are keen to know what really works, in the field of complementary and holistic healing. This information is for those who want to take responsibility for their health and is not intended to replace appropriate medical care.

These health secrets will save you time & money,
and put you on the fast track to a brighter future.

* In these pages:
-You will learn how your thoughts, habits and locations affect your health.
-You will learn how to overcome obstacles to vibrant health.
-You will find links to various free and low-cost health and self improvement
information and products that will save you time and money.
-You will find opportunities to connect with other health seekers.

If you know very little about alternative, complementary health therapies, it would be better to read the articles first. If you know a lot, you will find some FREE and low-cost ways to take you further.

*****Tip: Read through the table of contents and go to the page that grabs your attention!

On this web page, you can interact and have fun, which is the ultimate reason for doing anything.

I’d like to start by asking a few questions:
– Are you confused by the conflicting information about health issues?
– Do you want to know what’s harmful and what’s helpful?
– Do you wonder how you can plow through all the information and understand what you are reading?

* Why We Get Sick
There are many reasons why we get sick and finding the root cause and remedy is like detective work. In the following pages I will reveal the most common causes and effective remedies with a combination of cutting-edge research and personal knowledge.

*I’d like to provide you with some straight forward information that you really do need to know about your health.

I grew up with the idea that if you were ill, you should consult your doctor and take the medicine. It wasn’t until I turned forty that I discovered an alternative (natural, holistic (mind/body) medicine).

My decision to take responsibility for my health was the turning point that saved me from a crippling disease and a life of poverty.

Having spent a great deal of time researching and trying different kinds of alternative therapy myself, I am keenly aware of the importance of timely and accurate information.

*****Have you ever wondered why some people manage to stay healthy so easily, while others, often in the exact same circumstances, struggle to keep fit?

There is both a reason and a solution for it.

* There are 3 kinds of people in the world:
– Those that WATCH Things Happen…
– Those that SAY “What Happened?”

“If you want what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.”

I know now that the passage of time brings opportunities to us all and that fear of change and fear of failure are the biggest obstacles to success.

* Health Hangups
I and many others have discovered that if a person is unhealthy when they could choose vibrant health, then:
– They are probably naive, or have some unresolved issue in their psyche that is blocking the natural flow.
– They have been unwittingly brainwashed by sayings such as “Doctor knows best” and “Alternative medicine is quackery…”

I was both naive and burdened with hangups based on outdated beliefs about health–then I discovered the truth.

Doctor doesn’t always know best and alternative medicine is not quackery. It is based on traditional mind/body wisdom with the addition of modern technology and biochemistry.

* “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”
Whether this is your first or second or… step–as you read through this secret health information, you will learn how you can take control of your recovery and escape the ‘Sickness Treadmill’.

* Wishful Thinking
It’s not enough to wish for health – wishful thinking is only the fist step – it will not get the result you want. So in order to get nearer to the goal that you have set for yourself, you need to be open to all the opportunities and help that’s available to you.

You may have to first find out the reason for the hindrance:
– Self limiting beliefs – (“I am not worthy”).
– Harmful Self-talk – (“I shouldn’t – I must…”)
– Faulty lifestyle habits (diet exercise…).
– Geopathic Stress – (“The Silent Killer”) – The geololgy of the locations where you work, rest and play can affect your health & prosperity for better or worse. See locations report further down the page.

You can ask a question or request additional information by contacting me directly –     info@digitallahore.com

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Further down the page you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about alternative, complementary and holistic medicine and therapies.

So if you are ready to turn your life around and grab the opportunities that are waiting for you–go to it!

PS. Checkout my personal prediction for you, in “Natural Health Remedies”

PPS. For those of you who are interested in self improvement / self development, (overcoming self limiting beliefs, kicking bad habits…) I have a free software gift (no strings attached) that you can download in minutes. Just click on the link further down the page.

Also checkout the cool videos and the optical illusions link below.

Thanks for reading this and have a great day!

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