ONE SHADE OF RED THAT COMPLEMENTS ALL COMPLEXIONS NEW Made For All Lipstick cosmetics in ‘Red For Me’. Maybelline New York’s first red lipstick cosmetics tried on 50 assorted skin tones.The accord? Electrifying on everybody. Related Posts:Supreme, Perhaps, Will Release LipstickRed Lipstick Is a Symbol of Democracy: How Did Alexandria…Red Lipstick Is a Symbol of […]

Iridium Spa, St Regis Mumbai

From time to time we need to retreat to relax, shelter to relax, a place where you can avoid the stresses of everyday life. And I heard from astute travelers that the Iridium Spa – exclusively for St. Regis all over the world – is one such destination. Translated into “rainbow”, “iridium” comes from the […]

The most effective method to adore your body: Your 10-step

“I can’t wear shorts. I have thunder thighs.” “No, that dress makes me look level.” “I can’t wear a tank top today—I haven’t waxed my underarms.” “It is highly unlikely I can fit into this dress.” Chances are high that everybody who simply read these has been liable of saying them so anyone might hear […]

Your 6-step skin care and makeup for perfectly radiant skin

Skin care treatments have become much more intense – home treatments range from a regular facial scrub to intense peeling, and skin specialists offer every new invention around to give your skin a desired glow from the inside. However, when it becomes difficult to keep up with our work and home life, diets are thrown […]

Eyeliners I Swear Are 100 Percent Smudge-Proof

Here’s a short rundown of things I abhor: 1. smeared eyeliner. Indeed, that is my whole rundown, on the grounds that (nearly) nothing baffles me more than seeing my carefully connected eyeliner dissolve underneath my lashes or leave a stamp of dark over my tops by early afternoon. Also, on the off chance that you […]

Wonderful Wedding Makeup Looks Inspired by the Red Carpet

The first — and most significant — guideline of wedding cosmetics isn’t “utilize waterproof mascara” or “powder your face so you don’t look sparkling in photographs.” It’s this: Stay consistent with your very own feeling of style. Indeed, you’re The Bride, but at the same time you’re still you. Love shading? Complete a green smoky […]

Instructions to tell your facialist if something feels off during a skincare treatment

Facials are regularly the absolute most peaceful skincare medicines out there (indeed, notwithstanding when extractions are included). Be that as it may, much the same as with any dermatological administration, for example, profound cleaning and shedding, unfavorable responses aren’t exceptional. Also: They can transpire, paying little heed to skin type. I, for example, have skin […]

Meow, the feline look makes you look sweet …

Do you dream of a sensual feline look and everything cute? Pssst, standard here the insider facts of a perfect feline eye … Yes, the Beautiful Box by aufeminin of April 2016 comes to pamper your feline beauty: we slipped the complete unit for eyes velvet to fall. With 11 products and accessories, you have […]