Very Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

When we watch Disney motion pictures including Rapunzel or Cinderella, it is difficult to take our eyes off their garments and hairdos. They look just entrancing. Our eyes constantly meander back to their beautiful hair. Thick, sparkly and fun hair maneuvered once more into a splendid and glitzy haircut! Realizing […]

Smooth, supple, smooth hair

It feels good and can be handled comfortably. Easy to adjust naturally after moving. The feel is smooth The flow is in place and the finger is good Even if it moves back, Smooth and easy to adjust One hair of one is resilient Hard to break, become a bow […]

First aid for a bad day

Feed days in which no hair is in place. Wear a hat all day? You could do it, but you do not have to. Here are the best tricks and tips to save a “messy hair day” Did you go to bed last night with wet hair? You can get […]

Hair loss in women: causes and solutions

Losing between 50 and 100 hairs a day is totally typical. But if waking up in the morning you discover a lot of hair on the pillow and if every time you brush you notice an excessive fall of hair, it is another story. But do not be scared. Let’s […]

Basic hair care: data and advice

Our hair can be radiant even though we subject it to frequent washing, coloring, permanent curling, smoothing and so on. Add to all this the warm air of the dryer. Luckily the hair is very resistant! Although if we submit it to these processes, it needs more affection. We share […]

Главные правила ухода за проблемной кожей

По статистике, на сегодня 85% жителей Земли сталкивались с акне и с каждым годом эта проблема затрагивает все большее количество людей. Причиной тому – проблемы с экологией, современный ритм жизни, который подвергает нас частым стрессам и сбоям в гормональной системе, а также злоупотребление косметическими средствами и неправильный уход за собой. […]

Заколки, банты и резинки: краткий экскурс в историю аксессуаров для волос

Сегодня аксессуары для волос достигли пика популярности. Листая фотографии звезд road style во время последних Недель моды, невозможно не заметить множество заколок, жемчужных клипс, мягких ободков из коллекции Prada SS’19 или сверкающие версии от бренда Miu. Тренд подхватили и Instagram-инфлюэнсеры, фотографируясь в заколках для волос, которые заменили им proclamation серьги. […]