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The other day designer and founder of the brand Off-White Virgil Ablo announced a collaboration with American tennis player Serena Williams. The official page of the brand reported that together they will release sneakers called Queen, which are a variation of the Nike Flare model. 2.
Today, Ablo published a photo of the whole line, and in it, there was a place not only for sports shoes but also for tennis uniforms: two versions of tennis dresses, bombs, socks and a sports bag. The sports giant Nike joined the cooperation – this is confirmed by a sign logo on clothes and shoes.
“Serena is one of the strongest and most inspiring female athletes of this generation. In the collection, I tried to embody her spirit and bring something new to the tennis form. What I love in tennis is grace. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it requires sophistication. Yes, the dress is feminine, but it has a share of strength, “says Virgil Ablo.
See the form in action we can during the US Open tournament, which will be attended by Williams.