Mythical deities come to life in the collection of Guo Pei Couture

Chinese designer Guo Pei presented a collection called East Palace. “The Palace of the East is not only about the building, it also applies to women, because in Chinese culture there are many statements about women in palaces. This also applies to outfits that women wear in these palaces. And […]

TajMahal The Wonder of the World – Created By Shahjahan

Presentation The Taj Mahal (additionally “the Taj”) is known as the best exemplory instance of Mughal engineering, a style that joins components from Persian, Ottoman, Indian, and Islamic compositional plans. In 1983, the Taj Mahal turned into an UNESCO World Heritage Site and wound up being refered to as “the […]

Makeup with yellow shadows: ideas and techniques

Using yellow shadows only in the summer, you are depriving yourself of a sunny note in the beauty palette of an already cold season. Makeup artists creating make-up for the catwalk offer to announce bright shadows of must-have winter content: What is the combination of yellow shades in makeup? Makeup […]

Tumblr young lady: how to repeat makeup?

To become like a real Tumblr young lady, you need to know the trends. And the courage to follow them in life – because fashion does not exist only for blogs. Finding inspiration for your beauty images is not a problem today: what are countless blogs, where make-up ideas are […]

History of where is machu picchu – in peru

Machu Picchu’s Inca Past History specialists trust Machu Picchu was worked at the tallness of the Inca Empire, which ruled western South America in the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years. It was deserted an expected 100 years after its development, most likely around the time the Spanish started their […]