Meow, the feline look makes you look sweet …

Do you dream of a sensual feline look and everything cute? Pssst, standard here the insider facts of a perfect feline eye … Yes, the Beautiful Box by aufeminin of April 2016 comes to pamper your feline beauty: we slipped the complete unit for eyes velvet to fall. With 11 […]

First place: Great Wall

The Great Wall, the Great Wall was built in the 5th century BC, the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. In the third century BC, Emperor Qin Shihuang unified China, and after dispatching Mengzi to lead the 300,000-strong army to the north, the Great Wall, which was […]

Beautiful and fashionable women’s shoes spring-summer 2019

During the fashion shows spring-summer 2019, many interesting models of shoes were presented. Considering the new collections, it can be concluded that the designers have identified undoubted leaders among them. Now we have to get acquainted – which models to choose for the spring-summer season? It is the shoes that […]

Tuto eye makeup: insider facts of oriental seduction

The sensual warmth of summer gives an oriental scent to our beauty box of August 2016 “Thousand and One Nights”. Inspire us from privileged insights of Eastern seduction, sublimating our respect of blue and brown: nothing like a make up to the bewitching colors of the twilight to set off […]

Women’s fashion – 2019: major trends of spring and summer

1 . Tiered dresses and skirts If last season at the peak of fashion was multi-layered, then in 2019 the position of the “most fashionable stuff of the season” was confidently conquered by multi-level constructions. 2 . Golden accents This season’s gold is new black. Gold elements, including rich embroidery […]

Famous tourist attractions in China 4 places to go in China

Every time the May 1st and 11th holiday arrives, everyone will always think about where to travel this long holiday. What’s interesting is that many scenic spots only find out “but so” when you actually go, and the name is not true. The 10 famous Chinese tourist attractions recommended for […]

Color mandarin in clothes and accessories

Now I would like to recall the mandarin, the bright color of the mandarin, especially on these New Year’s Eve … Orange color attracts, and if it draws you, it means you are cheerful, it is pleasant to talk with you, you have a great interest in life, energy overflowing. […]