Uma Thurman Decorated The Jubilee Cover Of Love Magazine

Entering the podium during the display of the Miu Miu brand, actress Uma Thurman attracted the attention of insiders of the fashion industry. Without thinking twice, representatives of the British magazine on the youth culture Love also decided to cooperate with her. Thurman starred for one of the jubilee covers […]

Paris Fashion Museum Closes

The fashion museum, or the Galier museum, in Paris will be closed for renovation until December 2019, France Presse reported. After modernization, the museum’s representatives promise to double the area, resulting in new galleries, which will be named Gabriel Chanel, the founder of the fashion house Chanel. Exhibitions exhibited in […]

The Thing Of The Day: Fendi Bag

A gentle shade of clear sky will make everything romantic, be it a sports suit or a strict classic. It seems that only light blue can underline the natural female softness and boundless tenderness. Sky-blue in all its variations figured on the catwalks: the best options are looking for Nina […]